al Qaeda

Who or what is al Qaeda and how do we know?!  Excellent question!

The way false flag operations work is that there is always a patsy.  Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy.  A patsy is an individual or group whose role is to take the blame for the disaster, whatever it is.  They may or may not have been involved in the disaster.  They may have been minimally involved.  In any case they are unfairly blamed as part of the official story, the government’s story, the fairy tale which has to have a villain.  The government’s role in the official story is to be the savior, the protector of the people, protecting the people against the villain but at a great cost to the people in terms of money, power, freedom, etc.  That is a fact that gets brushed under the rug.  As the people get accustomed to the government taking their money, power, and freedom and to living with less of those precious items, the government continues to take, take and take, constantly reminding the people of how dangerous the enemy is.

Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA.  We do not really know about al Qaeda except for what the government tells us.  But the government obviously has a conflict of interest in telling us the truth.  Nobody in the U.S., well maybe a couple of people, has seen al Qaeda.  We do not interact with them.  Al Qaeda does not have a website.  We cannot send them a letter, call them on the phone, email them, or see where they live.  In the fairy tale about 9/11 al Qaeda is mysterious and powerful in part because it does not live in one place.  It does not have a home.  This is similar to “terrorism” which does not have a home and is not in one place.  Yet the government has killed hundreds of thousands of people, ALL innocent (see our page on Bush) including over 5,000 Americans, injured many more, poisoned Iraq with depleted uranium which will be there for centuries, spent trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, all to supposedly wipe out al Qaeda and terrorism, the mysterious twins.

This video shows Hilary Clinton explaining that the United States created al Qaeda in the 1980s as a way to fight the Soviet Union.  This explanation is very good and right on.
You may have seen the photograph of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s.

Rumsfeld Saddam handshake

That was when Iraq and the U.S. were allies.  When our big enemy was the Soviet Union we had very different beliefs about who the “bad guys” were and we had very different friends too.