Courts and 9/11

Being right vs changing policy

Many in the 9/11 Truth movement make the mistake of assuming or believing that if we can prove we are right then we will therefore cause a change in the policy. This is not the way politics work.

The 9/11 Truth movement has had enough evidence and arguments to prove that the feds are lying since 9/11. In other words to prove that we are right. Yet nearly 13 years later the policy has not changed. I mean the global war on terror.

Specifically, some have said that if we bring our best arguments into court (via a lawsuit) we will be able to finally get everything changed, such as the official reports by NIST on the WTC.  It would be great if that were possible but that is not how courts work.

You have to find the pressure point and apply the pressure without getting dragged down in poor planning, no planning, or endless bickering and arguments.

Look at U.S. courts and laws. Here are some facts.

It is legal (meaning not illegal) for a government agency to lie. It happens all the time.

You have to have a legal basis for a lawsuit if you expect to win. You cannot just sue an agency for lying. If you could the entire government would have ground to a halt years before 9/11.

What law do you think NIST violated? What remedy does that law allow?

Is there a law that says that a Federal court can order NIST to publish new conclusions to its 9/11 investigations? What law is it?

Unless you can positively answer this question all of the reasons and evidence of NIST’s lies and cover up do not matter.  The key words that will end any such lawsuit are the words “Case dismissed” (or in other words the court will grant NIST’s motion to dismiss).

The bottom line is that being right is not enough. The 9/11 Truth movement has not learned this and may never learn it.