Sarasota Saudis

January 1, 2014

As of September 2012 the Broward Bulldog (a Florida not for profit corporation) and its principal Dan Christensen have filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 5 U.S.C. § 552 to compel the FBI to disclose records from its investigation of the “Sarasota Saudis”, Saudi persons who lived in Sarasota, Florida prior to and during the 9/11 attacks.

The FOIA lawsuit is still alive and underway as of January 1, 2014 the date of this page

The FBI was conducting an investigation into the “Sarasota Saudis” shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

Abdulaziz al-Hijji, his wife Anoud, or his father-in-law and mother-in-law Esam A. Ghazzawi and his wife, Deborah G. Ghazzawi, are the Saudi persons formerly residing at 4224 Escondito Circle in Sarasota, Florida, which is less than 15 miles from the Florida Flight Training Center and from the Suntrust Bank in Venice, Florida.

Despite a legal and moral obligation to do so, the FBI never turned over the records from this investigation to the Congressional Joint Inquiry or the 9/11 Commission. The FBI never even informed these investigative bodies that they had done such an investigation.

This story is one of the few active efforts by a current or former Washington insider to get some of the 9/11 cover up exposed.  Senator Bob Graham was the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence at the time of the 9/11 attacks and during the Congressional Joint Inquiry.  Graham has written a 14 page declaration describing his knowledge of some of the FBI documents currently being illegally withheld.

The Broward Bulldog has a website with many of the documents in its FOIA lawsuit against the FBI here:

This article from June 5, 2013 has the title,

“Bob Graham: FBI hindered Congress’s 9/11 inquiry, withheld reports about Sarasota Saudis”

You can download Graham’s declaration from the above article at the point where it says, “Graham’s remarks are contained in a 14-page sworn declaration made in a Freedom of Information lawsuit brought by in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.”

You can also download Graham’s Declaration in this lawsuit.

You can download the Broward Bulldog’s Complaint in this lawsuit.

These documents show the government’s sheer hypocrisy and the pattern of egregious behavior to cover up and conceal from the American people information about the connection between the Sarasota Saudis and the 9/11 alleged hijackers.  It should be obvious that, 12 years after the fact, there is no rational reason for the FBI to withhold this information.  It should have provided this information to the Congressional Joint Inquiry back in 2002 and to the 9/11 Commission in 2004.

National security interest actually favor disclosure.  To best prevent another terrorist attack the public should know as fully and accurately as possible who or what organization was / were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  By concealing everything about the Sarasota Saudis from the Congressional Joint Inquiry, the 9/11 Commission and now the American public the FBI is making it more likely that another attack will succeed.

If you are familiar with this website then you already know that there are many very strong reasons that we know the official story of the 9/11 attacks is a lie.  But still, if the “national security issue” is to play a role in this FOIA lawsuit it weighs in on the side of the Broward Bulldog and Dan Christensen, not the FBI.

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Bob Graham: FBI hindered Congress’s 9/11 inquiry, withheld reports about Sarasota Saudis

that the FBI was conducting an investigation into the “Sarasota Saudis”,