Electrical pollution

Is electrical pollution harming you?  Also known as dirty electricity, electrical pollution is present in many homes and offices.  Check out the list below and ask yourself if you or your family are experiencing them.

The Naval Medical Research Institute compiled in 1971 a list of the biological responses (health effects) to radio frequency and microwave radiation and a bibliography of more than 2000 published references.  These health effects included:

restlessness (awake and during sleep)
liver enlargement
altered menstrual activity
changes in conditioned reflexes
altered fetal development
lack of concentration
increased irritability
decreased appetite
loss of memory
chest pains
increase in blood glucose concentration and other blood disorders
altered adrenal cortex activity
chromosome aberrations
sparking between dental fillings
loss of hair
brittleness of hair, and
sensations of buzzing, vibrations, pulsations and tickling about the head and ears.

The Problem

We are bombarded with dirty electricity, also known as electrical pollution, from a variety of sources.

The Solution

We can do a survey of your home, with your help, to detect and measure the dirty electricity in your home.

We can reduce it to safe levels.

We can also show you where to read about the health risks of smart meters.  (They are harmful!)  On request SMUD will replace your smart meter with an analog electric meter.  SMUD charges a fee for this.

Write for more information.  This is for residents of Elk Grove and the Sacramento area.

Act now to protect your family’s health every day!

For the science minded

“High frequency voltage transients, also known as dirty electricity, are a potent, universal carcinogen.”

(Dirty Electricity, Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, 2010, iUniverse).

“. . . the wires that deliver electricity have also become conduits for deadly high-frequency radiation, a form of electrical pollution that has largely escaped attention by the medical community.”

(“The Health Effects of Electrical Pollution”, The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, p. 1)

Dr. Milham explains what causes dirty electricity.

“There are many sources of dirty electricity in today’s electrical equipment.  Examples of electrical equipment specifically designed to operate by interrupting current flow include:  light dimmer switches that interrupt the current twice per 60-Hz cycle (120 times per second); power saving compact fluorescent lights that interrupt the current at least 20,000 times per second; halogen lamps, electronic transformers, and most electronic equipment manufactured since the mid 1980s that use switching or switch mode power supplies.  Older fluorescent lighting systems also generate dirty electricity.”  (p. 58)

Dirty electricity is explained in this video: