Safe Nuclear Energy

Unlike everything else under “More conspiracies” this is not a conspiracy.  But the ongoing pressures that prevent the commercial use of this technology, favoring oil, and the politics in Congress under Clinton – those are conspiracies.

Davis resident Tom Blees has written a book which provides 3 energy and environmental solutions. The title is  Prescription For The Planet:  The Painless Remedy for our Energy and Environmental Crises

One of these 3 technological solutions, the integral fast reactor, is very promising. This is a technology for nuclear power that actually can use as fuel the thousands of tons nuclear waste that provides a deadly, long term problem for America’s nuclear power industry.  It operates without any risk of a Chernobyl style meltdown.  The technology was developed in Idaho at the government’s experimental breeder reactor 2 but was shut down by the Clinton Adminstration in 1995 because “it was a symbol”.  The argument against it was that it could increase the threat of nuclear proliferation but it cannot do so any more than the current technology used to produce nuclear power.  Tom Blees’ book is riveting and tells this true story.
The connection to 9/11 is that 9/11 is a war about oil, about energy. We have the technology to wean ourselves off of coal power plants, which are the world’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. If Blees is right the potential is there to replace petroleum as an automobile fuel by using boron.
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